So hello again. In last 2 days (I think?) I was redesigning entire website. I know, I know… But I love designing websites, and I really wanted to try Bootstrap 4 alpha. And it turns out that it is preeeety awesome.

Of course, I am experiencing some compatibility issues with Bootstrap 3 here and there (I had a lot of troubles to get the tabs working) but it is still awesome. Also, I noticed that Bootstrap 4 seems more “lightweight”. For example, there is no default style for navbar. But maybe it is only because it is just missing. But it is also missing style for blockquote and I also had to set body padding manually, what do not happened in BS3.

Also, I added super sexy header with some JavaScript particle animations. I found it somewhere on internet, so I decided to use them.

And as last thing, I learned more about Jekyll and Liquid. It is fun how dynamic can static site be. For Projects page, I first time used Jekyll _data thingies, and it is super awesome (sorry for saying awesome again and again), and I just love YAML. And Ruby isn’t that bad too ;)

I will try to be more active on GitHub and here from now, so hopefully there won’t be months gaps between posts lol.