Or should I say spaces or tabs? The one and mighty question that bothers us all. Not all of course. It do not bothers me. My choice is….


Just kidding. Of course


Why? Because, as one of my collegues in work said, tabs are made for fucking Microsoft Word and Notepad users. Tabs are evil. Tabs are not path. Tabs are not life.

Why? Because spaces have fixed width. Spaces are not some special \t character appearing all over your code. You can see spaces. You can count on spaces. You can even count size of spaces. Can you measure tabs?


Imagine you want to stay in your favorites editor line wrap. Let’s say it will be 80 collumns. Can you do 80 spaces in one line and will it have width of 80 collumns? Yes it will.

Can you do same with tabs? Yes you can, when you set up tab size to 1 in your editor. And that will make tabs pointless. Or you can count on other people who will read your code that they will use same tab settings as you, so you can set tab size to 4 and place … errr… maths. Sorry. Fuck it. Count it by yourself, I am not here to do that things for you. I am not your asian calculator bitch. Just kidding. Asians are awesome, they are good at games and kung-fu. So you got it right? Do not use tabs.

And for the end, yes I know that I am using 9gag cliche to end fucking boring and long posts. So here is my #superoriginalthingcopyright2015donotcopyIhavelawyers banana and potato together

Banana and potato

Yes, I stole it from DEVIANTART. Hate me.