Again me. I know I am boring and I do not care. I wanted to present you game on what is my friend working. That game name is Cars Cars. It is Need For Speed - like game situated in Slovakia in my born city Banska Bystrica. Check Cars Cars on Gamejolt

Never heard about Banska Bystrica? Good for you. But he is working hard on Cars Cars, so if you can, support him by following his game and Gamejolt, I am sure he will appreciate it.

I would like to introduce you my new game Cars Cars ! Did you played NFS Underground 2 ? So take that, take more realistic graphics better physics and free open world in the city where i live ! It´s not finished yet maybe in a half year.

That is official quote from developer. Yes, not a lot, but JUST DO IT and PLAY IT bitches. Also, BOOOM, image right into your face